Laptops in India Buyer Guide, configuration, Models

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This guide is designed to identify what kind of laptop user you are. This will allow you to purchase a laptop that perfectly suits your needs by performing all the tasks you need to complete with your new laptop, without emptying your bank account.
Are you a casual laptop user?

Light laptop tend to use their laptop for checking the news, looking up recipes, doing online banking, and checking their email. If you usually find yourself with only 1-4 windows open, or programs running in the foreground, on your computer than you likely fall into this category. Chances are you are also apart of this group if you are new to using the computer or the internet.
Netbooks for Casual Users

Laptop users in this group do not require a ton of processing power, which greatly reduces the cost of their suitable laptops. It’s cheap to be a light laptop user! Users in this category are best suited to use netbook computers, which are very similar to laptops, the only difference being the smaller size and less power which will not affect any light users. Laptops/Netbooks for these users typically range from $349.99 – $499.99.mainstream general purpose laptops
Best Netbooks for Casual Users

Here are the top 3 bestselling casual/light users’ laptops/netbooks. Remember, netbooks are cheaper than laptops and will suit you perfectly find if you tend to only use your web browser, word processor, and chat programs. If you plan to play graphic intensive video games, or encode videos, you don’t fit in this user base, read on!
Top 3 Best Selling Light Use Laptops
Acer Aspire One AO722-0473 11.6-Inch HD Netbook

Acer Aspire One AO722-0473 11.6-Inch HD Netbook

Acer Aspire One AOD257-13685 10.1-Inch Netbook

Acer Aspire One AOD257-13685 10.1-Inch Netbook
Toshiba NB505-N508TQ 10.1-Inch Netbook

Toshiba NB505-N508TQ 10.1-Inch Netbook
Mainstream User
Are you a mainstream laptop user?

This is the category most people will fall into. Mainstream users tend to have similar usage habits as light laptop users, but more multitasking is involved. A typical days laptop use involves checking email, watching online videos, using a word processor while listening to music in the background etc. What’s the difference between a mainstream user an a light user? It simply comes down to frequency of use, and multitasking. If you only plan on doing 1-2 tasks at once, than you should fit right in the above category, light user. If you want to listen to music in the background as you surf the web and chat on an instant messenger at the same time, it’s wise to choose a mainstream laptop.
Mainstream Laptops

Mainstream laptops typically have between 2GB-4GB of system memory (RAM), this is the component that allows multitasking. The more RAM, the more multitasking without system slow down is possible. Mainstream laptops come in a larger size than light use laptops and netbooks, which naturally involves a larger screen. Mainstream laptops typically cost between $500-$800.

Top 3 Best Selling Mainstream Laptops

1. Example coming soon!


Are you a multimedia user?

If you are a multimedia user, you are someone who has a large music, movie, or picture collection that you want to bring everywhere. You’re often found watching movies, listening to music, and/or playing in photo editing software. These tasks can get fairly intensive on a laptop, but these multimedia laptops can handle it without a problem.
Multimedia Laptops

Multimedia laptops are usually found in the $700-$1,000 price range. These laptops sport fast processors to deal with intensive photo editing software, video encoding, and at 4GB of RAM to run many programs at once. Some multimedia laptops also sport big screens to admire your favorite media on.

Top 3 Bestselling Multimedia Laptops




Business User

Are You A Business User?

Business users are people who need laptop processing and multitasking power, but don’t need shiny good looks, or fancy on screen effects. These users typically bring their laptop back and fourth from work and require a weight of under 7lbs, and long battery life. If you want power, but don’t plan to play any graphic intensive video games, then a business laptop will be a clean fit with you.
Business Laptops

Business laptops can range from $600 – $1,500 depending on the specifications. These laptops typically are equipped with multi-core processors, 9 cell batteries, and a tough built design to prevent damages from dropping and frequent travel. A business laptop could be said to be a hybrid of a gaming laptop and a mainstream laptop, without the graphical power required to play the latest games on the market. These laptops were made for work to get done!

Top 3 Bestselling Business Laptops

Are you a gaming user?

Chances are if you’re a gamer, you know it. You have a list of you’re favorite games that you and your friends play online through late nights and sometimes even early mornings. You love playing the latest and greatest PC games, and you want to be able to play on the go.
Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are absolute powerhouses. There is nothing these laptops. The downside? All this power comes with a price. Gaming laptops tend to range from $900-$2,500. They also lack in battery life because of their large power usage. However, if you are looking for a powerful laptop to replace a desktop computer, or don’t plan to unplug the charge cable much, then there is no better choice than a gaming laptop.

Top 3 Bestselling Gaming Laptops


How many times have you heard the story of the poor sap who gets suckered into buying a $2,000 product that is so advanced he doesn’t even know how to use it? This happens everywhere, for everything. House cleaners, bicycles, televisions, computers, and the list goes on.

An easy and wallet friendly technique that will sidestep you clear of this nightmare entirely is setting a budget before you make your purchase. Setting a budget not only restricts you from dumping all of your money on one thing, but it also shows financial responsibility, which enables you to know exactly how much you are going to spend before making your order. Budgeting is a widely used technique by smart laptop shoppers everywhere which can even make buying a new laptop easier by narrowing the choices.

Are you looking for the best laptop under $500? Read on.

Laptops Under 500

What Kind of Laptop Does $500 Get YOU ?

$500 or less in today’s laptop market will bring you a surprisingly good return in terms of laptop quality. I can’t remember the last time you were able to buy a $500 laptop that featured a dual core processor, a huge hard drive, or a batter life lasting over 5 hours. Today it’s possible. We’re going to use the Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 laptop as our example showing what $500 can buy you today.

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349

Let’s go through the Toshiba Satellite’s specifications to see what it brings to the table:

Intel i3-2330m 2.2GHz Processor

Translation: This laptop sees your requests of basic web browsing (email, Facebook, YouTube, banking, Google, etc.) and laughs! It won’t have any problem at all performing these simple tasks with its powerful dual-core processor capable of multitasking with ease. Unless you’re a producer of sorts who needs to convert large amounts of video, this is more than enough – for a great price.

4GB DDR3 System Memory (RAM)

Translation: Toshiba found a way to pack 4GB of system memory in this beast and still keep it under $500. What this system part allows you to do is run multiple programs at the same time without slowing down the system. Have you even been on a computer which slows to a snails pace if you try to listen to music while typing up your homework? Freezes when you open a few too many tabs on your web browser? This is the feature that prevents that from happening.

640GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive

Translation: A hard drive is the device that holds all of your information; it’s your computer’s long-term memory. This is where you store all of your pictures, movies, games, documents, and everything else that gets saved to your computer. A 640GB hard drive equals out to approximately 640,000 megabytes, allowing you to store about 213333 average length songs!

If you’re the type of person who understands the importance of efficiency, power, and higher levels of productivity, you would be best suited with a business laptop.

Business laptops are designed for the CEO type, the kind of person who is working on a higher salary while most of their friends are watching reality TV, or playing video games. The kind of person who values his or her own hard earned dollars enough to do complete research on a product before buying it.

This kind of person, is a business person, who demands nothing but the elite. Thankfully, there are laptops available today that can crunch all the numbers that even the most active business people throw at it – and laugh.

The laptops I am describing are business laptops. They are packed full of powerful components designed specifically with the chronic multi-tasker in mind. They are thin and light, allowing for easy travel, whether it be from office to office or country to country.

They have an incredibly long lasting battery life that allows the efficient users to continue their assignments anywhere without issue. If you are the type of person set out to climb the corporate ladder at a speed neither Jon nor Jane Doe can’t compete with – you need a business laptop.

On this page you will learn all there is to know about buying a business laptop online. From quick buying tips and things to look for, straight into the best business laptop deals and the best business laptop brands.

By the time you are finished reading this page you will be ready to buy your own business laptop and watch your productivity sky rocket.


Finding The Best Business Laptop

If you’re still reading this page, you’ve proved yourself as someone with a legitimate desire to be the best. If you’re looking for the best business laptop, you’re going to need some buying advice to sort through the hundreds of laptops marketed as “business qualified” by large marketing firms designed to manipulate you into buying old products, so they can introduce their new models.

Why would you want an old model? Buying a new laptop is a really simple process as long as you have a faint idea what to look for, which is why we’re here. Read on to pick up some quick laptop buying tips, a best brand review, and some business laptop deals we’ve found that will get you a better laptop for a cheaper price.

Be skeptic of the “business” description. We already talked about the evil marketing firms with intentions to sell stale products, but you should also be weary of assuming a laptop is good for business work just because it says so. Instead, think of what makes up a business laptop; battery life, portability, and power. Check for those, not the “business” tagline.
Portability is important! If you plan on bringing your laptop on the trip from home to work, work from home everyday then you’re not going to want a monster machine that weighs 15lbs. All business users should also take a look at the Thin And Light Laptops.
Business laptops are not meant just for the suits! I know many people, ranging from students to stay at home moms, who prefer to use business style laptops because of the higher build quality.

Top Business Laptop Brands

Determining the best business laptop computer is a difficult competition to judge. Business is a subjective term; someone may work at a farm everyday and require different pieces of technology than a graphic designer. Regardless, you can safely buy anyone of these laptop brands without worrying about poor service. In our experience, these laptop companies out perform their competition, and they do it in style.

The best business laptop brand for 2011 is Lenovo. Lenovo laptops are known for their extraordinarily strong build quality and “classic” appearance, a reputation created by their business line of ThinkPad laptops.

Lenovo has recently created a more consumer orientated image with their IdeaPad series of laptops, a series of laptop geared towards students and adults who are looking for cross between business and gaming. If you’re interested in buying a top of the line business laptop, you would be missing out not to give Lenovo’s offerings a long look.

Placing second in our review of best business laptop brands is Asus. Asus is one of the best laptops companies of 2011. They continue to pump out the latest and greatest in laptop technology in a beautiful package for a cheap price. First impressions are important, and this is where Asus shines – literally. Asus creates slick and “clean” looking laptops that don’t stick out like a sore thumb, but make a statement of class.

Asus and Lenovo are major staples in the laptop market that any and every laptop buyer should consider for purchase.
Business Laptop Deals

Business laptops are essentially a healthy mix between a gaming laptop, and a thin and light portable laptop. Because of this top-tier combination these laptops tend to settle in the mid-high end of the laptop pricing spectrum. Below you’ll find a few exceptions. Here are a few links to quality business laptops for surprisingly great prices. These are deals that may not last long, so don’t hesitate!
Buy Asus Business Laptop

Buy ASUS B43J-A1B for 50% off! Only $549.99!
Save 50% On Asus Business Laptop!

This is a deal that almost belongs in the Value Laptops post because it’s such a steal. The ASUS B43J-A1B is on sale for half price (also known as buy 1 at full price, get one free!) at only $549.99. The is a powerful laptop with room to upgrade for the future, allowing you to get a deal now and save later. Even beyond the upgradebility options, the ASUS B43J-A1B still brings more to the table. From a dedicated ATI 5470 graphics card that tears through Photoshop, 1080p videos, and even modern PC games, to the powerful 2.66GHz Intel Core i5 processor, this is a laptop that delivers serious value. Click the image on the left to check it out now.

Other ASUS B43J-A1B Features: Windows 7 Professional (x64), 320GB hard drive, HDMI and VGA ports, 2MP webcam, Wireless N compatibility, 14? LED HD display.
Buy Lenovo Laptop

Buy Lenovo ThinkPad T420s for only $1,159 here!
Buy A Quality Business Laptop With a Lenovo T420s.

Lenovo makes quality, period. The durability of the ThinkPad series is virtually unmatched for a price anywhere near the T420s. ThinkPad’s are literally laptops you could pass down to your children’s children if technology stayed the same, they’re that tough. That’s not to take away anything from their simple, clean-cut design either. You won’t find any sticker marks on a ThinkPad. We haven’t even begun to talk about the internal quality of these fine laptops; they’re speedy. If you’re interested in a pure business laptop that will survive, even if you drop it a few times, this ThinkPad should already be in your shopping cart.

Other Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Features: Lenovo RapidBoot Extreme (Boot in under 10 seconds!), Dolby Home Theater sound, 720p low-light sensitive web camera, new USB 3.0 ports, 4GB RAM.

Buy Business Laptop

Congratulations, you’ve hustled your way through this guide on buying business laptops. You’re now educated more than 99% of people who buy without first doing any initial research. You’re now ready to make an educated purchase!

Do you value your hard earned money? Because you’ve navigated your way to this page either own your own, by recommendation, search engine, or merely a freak accident, I trust that you do.

Buying a new laptop can be an extremely costly necessity that requires days, sometimes weeks of saving your coin. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the most satisfying benefits of ordering laptops online is avoiding pushy “salesmen” at big box stores.

I can’t even count on two hands the amount of times a greedy, greasy employee has tried to up-sell me to a product with features I can’t even spell for over double the price of what I want! I won’t speak for you, but I’ve heard many of these horror stories from family and friends as well.

When you buy online, you take a shortcut around the annoying up-selling, allowing you to click your way straight to the deals!

On this page I will give you all the information you need to find the best value laptops including buying advice, top rated brands, and even links to special deals! Read on for more details!


Finding The Best Value Laptop

Finding a high value laptop is one of the easier types of laptops to search for. Often times you’ll find great deals when new models are being introduced to the laptop market and the older ones are seeing huge price drops.

That’s not the only case either, you may just get lucky enough to score a brand new laptop for cheap! (Hint: See the Value Laptop Deals section below!). I’ve compiled a list of tips for you to use when shopping for the best value laptops available.

Follow these short and sweet tips to maximize your time when searching for the perfect value laptop for your own use.

Buying A Value Laptop

Don’t fall for the “amazing deals” without checking the product age. Do you buy expired milk for 50% off? Of course not. It makes just as much sense to buy a 5 year old laptop for 70% off – just don’t do it!
Be weary of “sales”. Often times a retailer will claim a product is on sale, but not slash the price. Check exactly how much you’re saving before convincing yourself you’re getting a steal of a deal.
Don’t under-buy! There are many cheap alternatives to full blown laptops, such as netbooks, available at a discounted price. However, these products are cheaper for a reason! If you only need a computer for basic tasks such as using the internet, using word processors, etc.) then a netbook will suit you just fine. If you plan on playing new video games, or streaming 1080p content, you’ll want an upgrade. Again, if you don’t know what any of that is, then you don’t have to worry about this point!

Top Value Laptop Brands

This is a tough one to judge. Because there aren’t really any companies out there with the sole intention of making the least amount of profit possible (that we know of), we’re going to have to judge this according to sales, and average prices. Without further delay, here are the top value brands that we feel deliver the best sales, for the lowest prices, the most often.

Toshiba. Toshiba is a laptop brand that finds a way to cater to every person regardless of needs, knowledge, or budget. Toshiba has laptops priced as low as $359.99 that can satisfy its basic users who plan to use their computer for simple web surfing. If you’re shopping on a limited budget we definitely recommend that you don’t overlook Toshiba’s offerings.
HP. In a close second behind Toshiba is HP. HP has been creating top level laptops for families, students, and just about everybody else for a long time with a formula that is nearly perfected. HP laptops are clean and efficient computers packed with media features that make using your computer fun.
Last but certainly not least is laptop manufacturer Acer. Acer has been on a tear as of late creating their beautiful “Timeline” series laptops that deliver power, performance, and must-have luxury features such as extended battery life.

Keep in mind these are simply recommendations made on laptop companies that we’ve noticed doing the right things. Just because the laptop you’ve been eying isn’t on the list doesn’t mean you should pass it up.
Value Laptop Deals

Value laptops, if named appropriately, are essentially cheap laptops. Laptops that are on sale for discounted prices, usually for a limited time. Are you planning on buying a laptop today? Then you MUST check out these value laptop deals, assuming they haven’t already sold out.
Buy Toshiba Value Laptop

Buy Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 for $499.99 Now!
Buy Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 for $499.99 Today!

I mentioned above that Toshiba is one of my favorite value laptop manufacturers; so it should make sense that the Satellite L755-S5271 is at the top of the deals list. At only $499.99 this laptop is a great deal for anyone looking for a quick, powerful laptop on the cheap. You would never expect this thing to be priced at under $500 after reading its feature list. From speedy wireless N internet capabilities to its enormous 640GB hard drive, this laptop is absolutely LOADED with brand new features seen in other laptops DOUBLE its price. It’s extremely easy for me to say this is one of the best laptops available in the sub-$500 category and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this laptop eventually go through a price increase. This Toshiba laptop is a purchase you won’t regret at such a low price.

Buy ASUS A53U-XE1 for $379.99 Now!
Buy ASUS A53U-XE1 for $379.99 Now!

I didn’t mention Asus above, in the Top Value Laptop brands because Asus typically caters to the power users and gamers, but the A53U-XE1 is a clear exception. This is laptop is one of the least expensive full featured laptops I’ve seen all year. The A53U-XE1 deliver energy efficient performance in a sleek package. Although it’s not one of the most powerful laptops on the market, it makes up for processing power in price – easily. Don’t overlook what power this machine does offer either, sporting one of AMD’s new Dual-Core C-50 processors and a Radeon HD 4250 graphics card for beautiful visuals, this laptop offers tremendous value at a miniscule price. If you’re laptop budget is limited, this may just be the perfect laptop for you.

Buy A Value Laptop Today

You’ve passed! After completing this page you can now continue on to make a laptop purchase feeling educated, and hopefully a little more confident. Ready to start shopping today? Excellent! Click the red button below to begin shopping for your perfect laptop today.
Looks are important. Plain and simple, it’s just how things are. Although you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s something we all find ourselves doing, at least before we begin talking to others.

The same principle applies for laptops; judging a laptop by its looks can sometimes lead to disappointment if you’re not sure exactly what you’re shopping for. On this page you’ll learn how to shop for the perfect thin and light laptop that performs just as well as it looks.

If you’re looking to buy a lightweight laptop with extra long battery life measuring as little 0.8-inches thin, then you’ve found the right place.

Read on to pickup some laptop buying advice for your next thin and light laptop along with the top rated brands and the best thin and light laptop deals to finish it off. Enjoy!


Find The Best Thin And Light Laptop

Thin and light laptops are all extremely sleek and sexy, but as we discussed earlier, that’s not all there is to a laptop. What about the brains? We need an intelligent beauty that won’t crash when we’re handling thousands of files, streaming movies daily, and flipping between spreadsheets and essays.

Here are a few things to look for when buying a thin and light laptop:

Things To Remember

Check out the processor speed. Many thin and light laptops will have energy efficient processors, which is absolutely awesome if you don’t plan on playing the latest PC games, but if you’re a power user you should look for at least an Intel Core i3 processor.
Double check the battery life. Most thin and light laptops sport an extra long battery life, but some older models are less efficient than newer ones. Make sure there isn’t a “this is an older model” notice when you’re ready to checkout just in case. Don’t see it? Perfect!
Read the customer reviews. Because thin and light laptops are… well, thin and light, some do tend to be more fragile. Reading the customer reviews to make sure there are no complaints of build quality will ensure you’re buying a laptop that won’t break as easy as glass.

Keeping these three simple tips in mind will help you buy the PERFECT laptop without the dreaded buyer’s remorse.
Top Thin And Light Laptop Brands

Buying from a trusted brand can give a sense of security in your purchase. We’re going to help you make you’re next purchase easier by letting you in on the top thin and light laptop brands for 2011.

The number one thin and light laptop brand for 2011 is Asus. In addition to their top of the line Gaming Laptops, Asus has also created bestselling thin and light laptops that feature their signature sleek design topped off by blazing fast internal parts that easily complete tasks of any complexity in seconds. They’re simply the best thin and light laptops available today. Click Here to Shop for Thin And Light Asus Laptops.
Thin And Light Laptop Deals

Thin and Light laptops have a wide range of prices. There are laptops priced at over $1,000, and there are other priced at under $500. When you’re planning on making a purchase as important as a laptop it’s nice to know how much you need to spend in order to purchase a quality product that will last.
Buy Thin And Light Laptop

ASUS A52F-XA3 - $479.99 - Click Here to Buy!

Buy Asus A52F-XA3 – Only $479.99!

Asus is completely dominating the laptop market in 2011! Their Asus A52F-XA3 is a perfect example of why this powerhouse company is on top. This sleek and sturdy laptop is set to race right out of the gates with its energy efficient Intel Pentium P6200 processor paired with 4GB of RAM that allows you to get more multitasking done without any sign of your laptop slowing down. This could be the perfect entry level laptop for your parents, son or daughter, or even your husband or wife who has yet to enter the wonderful world of laptops. At the price point of $479.99 it’s just asking to be sold out before you get a chance to order your own. The Asus A52F-XA3 is a perfect laptop deal for someone receiving their first laptop, or just a computer user who surfs the web, checks email, does a little word processing and other routine tasks.

Buy A Thin And Light Laptop Today

Congratulations! You’ve made it through! You now know nearly everything there is to know about buying the best thin and light laptops. Now it’s time for the fun part. Click the button below to shop for your own brand new thin and light laptop.
So, you want the best. The number one performer. You want a laptop that can perform every single task you throw at it – in half the time. If you didn’t know better, you may think you’d need a clunky desktop computer to play all the newest PC games and reach high scores in the latest benchmarks. Not today. Today, you can buy a gaming laptop that can outperform 90% of consumer desktops available for sale today all in a small, portable package. Welcome to 2011!

You can buy a fully loaded gaming laptop that will play EVERY game ever made today. This page will provide you with a few tips on buying gaming laptops and links to the newest laptop deals. Lets get started!


Finding The Best Gaming Laptops

We are going to assume you have a basic understanding of computers if you are interested in buying a gaming laptop. If not, no worries, scroll down and hit the red button at the end of the page.

Things To Remember

Battery life is generally average at best on gaming laptops because they are so powerful. You’re compromising battery life for extreme power. This shouldn’t be a problem if you frequently use your laptop indoors anyways.
Although the graphics card is the most important component of a gaming laptop, don’t forget the processor either. The processor is the second most important component inside of a gaming machine next to the graphics card. RAM comes in third as most laptops will be equipped with 4GB by default.
Because gaming laptops are such powerful beasts they do tend to run a little warm. It may be in your best interest to purchase a cooling pad with your new laptop. Not required, but sometimes recommended.

If you keep these short and sweet tips in mind then you will be super pleased with how fast your gaming laptop performs.
Top Gaming Laptop Brands

The top gaming laptops available today are made by Asus. Asus gaming laptops have remained the most dominate performers for quite a while now for good reason. These laptops are oddly sleek looking for being such powerhouses; you’re truly getting the beauty AND the beast when you purchase an Asus gaming laptop. Click Here to shop Asus Gaming Laptops.

It was tough for us to give a second and third place gaming laptop brand, but we decided on HP for the silver medal, and Toshiba with the bronze for their laptops.
Gaming Laptop Deals

Gaming laptops are found at the higher end of the price spectrum because they are absolutely packed full of high quality parts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any deals to save you some of your hard earned cash. Here are some of our picks based off of budget, along with a link to an hourly updated gaming laptop deal page (hint: click the big red button at the bottom to buy today!)
Buy Gaming Laptops

Click to Buy ASUS G73SW-XA1 Gaming Laptop - Best Gaming Laptop Under $1,500
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1,500

Finding the best gaming laptop for less than $1,500 was easy. We picked Asus as the best gaming laptop brand on the market for a reason – they make quality. The Asus G73SW-XA1 Republic of Gamers 17.3? laptop is no exception. This machine sports a QUAD core Intel i7 processor that will eat up intensive tasks without any fuss. Graphic power is far from lacking thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M video card packing 1.5GB of GDDR5 RAM. What really shows the power of this thing is it’s HUGE 17.3? s 1920×1080 full HD display. That’s as many pixels you get on a 24? monitor! If you’re budget is just under the $1,500 mark you must seriously consider the Asus G73SW-XA1 as your next buy.
Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000

HP Envy 14 - Best Gaming Laptop Under $1,000
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1,000

If you’re new laptop budget is a few hundred dollars short of the monster you need to be looking at the HP Envy 14. Coincidentally HP did come in second place for our “Best Gaming Laptop Brand” above, and once again received the silver medal here. NOTE: Do not take anything away from HP! As owners of this HP Envy already know, this thing is a beast of a gaming machine at a great price. It’s truly an amazing laptop thanks to it’s speedy Core i5 processor, switchable Radeon HD5650, and Beats By Dre audio. All that for under $1,000!

Buy Gaming Laptops Today

There it is ladies and gentlemen, if you did as little as skim through this page, you know have all the key points you need to know when buying a gaming laptop. Because you’ve been such good students, we’re going to give you a link to our favorite online laptop retailer so you can pickup a nice new gaming laptop for cheap! Enjoy.
You can buy a laptop today anywhere from $200, all the way up to $3,000. This page will help you find the laptop you need, for less money than you thought you had to spend.

Before you can find a laptop perfect for your budget, you need to set a budget. Duh, right?

Here’s a quick breakdown of different laptop price points, and what you’ll be getting for your money.
$200 – $300

So you’ve the absolute tightest budget possible, every dollar counts.

As long as you don’t expect to be able to play the latest PC games on your new laptop, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

When you have a small budget like this, option number one is a netbook.

With a netbook you’ll be able to do all the basic tasks any other computer can do: surf the web, edit some documents, listen to music, watch some videos from time to time etc.

If you only have these basic needs, and no special requirements, then a netbook is all you need to buy.
$300 – $500

Now we’re reaching the entry-level laptop budget, $300 – $500. For this price you can get a pretty decent laptop equipped with more power than a netbook.

The extra money gives you a larger screen, and likely a larger hard drive as well. This means this price point is a little more appealing for extended laptop use.

The larger size of a laptop will also tend to provide some additional versatility in terms of a few extra USB ports, a CD drive, and a better battery life than the average netbook.
$500 – $750

At the $500 – $750 price range you will begin to start entering the “specialty” type laptops.

Whether you’re looking to dabble into some gaming action, or take the thin and light portability route, your extra dollars has opened a few doors of laptops with extra features.

When you spend within this budget you’re also expected to receive a product with a longer lifespan than the previous price points. Naturally, the more powerful laptops will last longer without degradation.
$750 – $1,000

This is the ultimate sweet spot of a laptop budget.

Although slightly on the expensive side, spending $750 – $1,000 on a new laptop basically gives you free reign on any product available.

You can go with a super-powerful gaming laptop, or simplicity with an Apple MacBook.

You are guaranteed to purchase a laptop worthy of power-use. Laptops at this price will accomplish everything you throw at them with ease.
Laptops over $1,000

Laptops over $1,000 are exclusively reserved for full out gaming powerhouses and luxury Apple MacBooks.

For over $1,000, you’re getting the best of the best.

When you go to the grocery store to buy milk, do you buy a different kind every time?

How about clothes: do you buy your clothes from a bunch of random shops, or from some of your favorite stores you’ve grown to love?

This is brand loyalty 101.

Humans are creatures of habit. We love to get settled into a familiar environment, it’s where we’re most comfortable.

This clearly shows in the way we buy new products, such as laptops.

Should it be, though?

Are you buying laptops from the best laptop brand in 2012? This article will educate you on the very best laptop brands on today’s market, and explain why you should from them rather than another brand.

Shop Laptops Online

Laptops and Brand names – Are you worrying about nothing?

Some buy Coke because they prefer the taste over Pepsi. Some, the other way around.

Taste is a very easy thing for you and I to measure, something either tastes good, less good, or doesn’t taste good at all.

This becomes a little more complicated when it is a laptop computer that you are comparing, for the following reasons:

Every laptop is different (i.e. Sony may make a GREAT laptop, but follow it up with a terrible one. Each laptop should be judged individually.)
There are many things that make a great laptop (Some laptops can hold over 500,000 songs, but they may be slower in another category than a laptop which only holds 250,000)
Price! (In order to accurately compare laptops, they must be very close in price)

Don’t worry – it’s really not this complicated.

Now that we’ve got all the basic info out of the way, we can start breaking down the best laptop brands of 2012.
What makes a laptop brand great?

Follow the list below to get an accurate representation of what makes a laptop brand great.

Customer Support
Laptop Durability
Laptop Performance
Laptop Value

We’ve made our report based on the simple guidelines listed above. Those are the variables we will be judging each brand on.

Note: This list is in alphabetical order, not from best to worst! We’ve only included the best laptop brands of 2012.

Each and every brand listed below has made some impressive offerings this year, so read each description carefully before making your purchase.
The Best Laptop Brands of 2012

Here we go! Once you find a laptop, or brand, that you would like to buy, or read more about, simply click the image. Yes – it’s that easy.
Best Acer Laptops
Best Acer Laptop

Best Acer Laptops

Acer has always been a laptop brand that offers a fair range of products for all users.

On a budget? Acer has a number of great laptops priced under $500, this is where they do best.

Acer’s are well suited as a cheap entry-level laptop, perfect for low-budgets.
Best Apple Laptops
Best Apple Laptop

Best Apple Laptops

If you haven’t heard of an Apple MacBook laptop, you MUST be living under a rock!

Apple MacBook laptops are known for their ultra-high quality screens, dead-easy to use interface, and their seamless integration with other Apple products.

If you can afford to pay the premium MacBooks call for, you’re not likely to regret buying a new Apple laptop.
Best Asus Laptops
Best Asus Laptop

Best Asus Laptops

Asus laptops are my personal favorite. They offer a simple, elegant appearance, while delivering a TON of power underneath the aesthetics.

Asus laptops tend to shine in the $700 – $1,100 range, where they offer high performance laptops that will remain powerful for years to come.

You can’t go wrong with an Asus if you’re even remotely interested in gaming, either.
Best HP Laptops
Best HP Laptop

Best HP Laptops

HP laptops are perfect to serve as the family computer.

They are very similar to Asus laptops (shown above), and also shine at the $700 – $1,100 price range.

If you aren’t a gamer, an HP laptop may top an Asus laptop just because HP is a bigger company with more customer support services located in North America.
Click the image of the laptop above to get more details on HP laptops.
Best Samsung Laptops
Best Samsung Laptop

Best Samsung Laptops

Samsung was relatively quiet in terms of laptop products for a long time, until the netbook reached popularity.

Samsung specializes in Netbook computers – ultra-small laptops designed for basic tasks such as surfing the web, checking email, word processing, and other undemanding computing tasks.

Because netbooks are made for the casual computer user, they are CHEAP. You can pick up a Samsung netbook for $200 – $400 today.
Best Toshiba Laptops
Best Toshiba Laptop

Best Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba laptops fill the gap between casual users, and high performance power users.

Their laptops are typically well made, fairly durable, while still maintaining some style points.

The sweet spot for Toshiba laptops is at the $500 – $700 price point, though they do offer a fair selection of laptops under $500 as well.
What Other Laptop Brands Are There?

To shop through more laptop brands, click the button below. You will then be able to see prices, customer reviews, and detailed laptop specifications to help make your purchase.
One of the busiest times of the year for the laptop industry is early August to late September, also known as back to school time.

During this time, in which many parents are caught singing Andy Williams’ hit song “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year“, the laptop market is hot.

Prices are dropped, old models are shopped, and new models are pushed in.

Sales are started, prices are slashed, and big box store employees scurry around the big ticket electronics aisles with dollar signs in their eyes.

This is what back to school laptop shopping is like for hundreds of thousands of students and parents every year. A hectic, high pressure mess.

Don’t worry – this gigantic throbbing headache can be avoided by buying your back to school laptop online.

This page will teach you all you need to know about buying a laptop online during back to school season.

On this page you’ll find this year’s back to school laptop deals, tips for picking the perfect laptop for class, and a special link right to the #1 online laptop retailer. Let’s get started!

Best Student Laptops 2012
Recommended Online Laptop Retailers

Laptop Buyer recommends buying laptops online from Amazon.

Amazon is a U.S. based company which holds the honors of being the world’s largest online retailer! We’ve been using Amazon for ages, and we suggest that you do the same!
What Are You Looking For?

Laptops are like socks.

99% of the time simply picking from the bestselling page can be all you need, but it doesn’t hurt to check for a perfect fit…. sort of.

Here are some suggested laptops for various college/university programs, a must see for anyone enrolling into one of these programs after this summer!

Business Students: Professional, but relaxed. An intelligent performer who acts the same both at the office and at home.

Best Business Laptops.

Computer Science Students: You are the future of the internet.

You’re learning how to code so you can do more without moving a finger, allowing you to play more RTS, FPS, and MMORPGs, all day.

Shop from our Best Gaming Laptops page to find what you’re looking for.

Health/Education/Art Students: Teachers, Trainers, psychologists, doctors, creatives, and even lawyers! You get results no matter what the task is.

All you need is a reliable laptop that’s always ready to go when you are.

Don’t let your laptop hold you back, shop the Best Thin And Light Laptops now.

The “Student” Student: You’re college/university student, you’re broke! Not to worry, there are still top notch laptops for generous prices.

Visit the Best Value Laptops page to save money today.
5 Essential Tips On Buying A Laptop For School

Check the calendar! Don’t forget that it takes a few days for your laptop to ship to your home. Avoid the situation entirely by buying your laptop today, instead of tomorrow.
Stock up! Ordering a laptop online gives you full selection to a variety of accessories such as protective cases, bags, cables and more. Save a future migraine by ordering companion accessories today.
The customer is always right. Before you add your laptop to the cart, scroll down to check out the customer reviews to see what another John Doe thinks about the product.
Snag the sales. Sales are temporary, don’t miss out on saving a chunk of money because you weren’t sure which color you wanted!
Full access. More often than not the full specs of a laptop will be listed on a page. Take your time and read every detail to get familiar with your prospective laptop. From the weight, to the screen size. It may not all make sense, but what does is worth the read.

Laptop Deals

Now that you know everything there is to know about buying a student laptop, it’s time to shop!
Hey you, how is the laptop search coming along? Have you been able to find the perfect piece of portable computing that your life is missing?

You’re about to witness the GREATEST laptop buying guide you have EVER seen, in approximately 45 seconds.

This very page contains the 3 secret shopping tactics used by geeks everywhere when hunting for the best laptops.

Not only will you learn the secret geek shopping practices today – you will also have complete access to the whole list of Best selling laptops 2012.

The ENTIRE top 100 best laptops 2012 has produced will be available to your own eyeballs today.

BUT WAIT — there’s more:

To complete your laptop search, we’ve created a table featuring the top 3 BEST laptops of 2012 according to our team of ultra-nerds who have nothing better to do than research and compare the best laptops.

Best Laptops 2012
Best Laptops 2012: Video Guide

Why Should You Buy a Laptop NOW, you ask?

Holiday season 2011 marks the beginning of a new laptop era. The standards for laptop computers are at an ALL-TIME high… But prices remain LOWER than ever.

Durability and shelf life has SKYROCKETED; the laptop you buy today will last longer than ever!

Wireless N, the standard for all 2012 laptops, is FASTER than most wired connections!

Portability has INCREASED in a big way – most laptops are now under 5lbs in weight!

Laptop buyers of the world, rejoice! There has never been a better time to buy a new laptop.
Geek Secret Laptop Buying Tip #1: Do NOT leave your basement home if you want the best laptop deals!

Have you ever wondered why the nerdiest of nerds rarely leave their room? They don’t need to!

Just last year alone people just like you spent a combined $32,000,000,000 on online shopping. Shoppers everywhere are beginning to realize the CHEAPEST prices are online.

Geek Secret Laptop Buying Tip #2: Are you computer clueless? Do NOT spend over $1,000 – here’s why:

Does a beer league shinny hockey player use a $300 hockey stick? NO!

Does a toddler playing tee-ball step up to the plate with a $175.99 slugger? OF COURSE NOT!

If you aren’t even the slightest bit nerdy, do you need to spend over $1,000 on a new laptop? MOST DEFINITELY NOT!
Geek Secret Laptop Buying Tip #3: Look for these minimum requirements on all 2012 laptops

You should AVOID buying the $299.98 laptop on clearance that was last reviewed 2 years ago.

Avoid buying old junk by looking for these features in your new 2012 laptops:

Windows 7 (operating system aka that thingy with the start thingy that you’re use to using. Macs are cool too!)
At LEAST 4GB RAM or System Memory (aka the stuff that lets you do more stuff without slowing down the laptop)
Wireless N (aka that receiver that lets you use that weird “internet thing” really speedy quick)

Remember: Follow the geeky advice and you will be regret-free!
Our Top 3 Picks: The Best Laptops available NOW!
Features #1 #2 #3
Best Acer Laptops 2012

Best Toshiba Laptops 2012

Best Asus Laptops 2012
Brand/Model Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651 Toshiba Portégé R835-P56x ASUS U30SD-XA1
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Home Premium
Price $479.99 – Buy $769.99 – Buy $679.99 – Buy
Processor Core i5-470UM (1.33GHz) Intel Core i5-2410M (2.33GHz) Intel Core i5-2410M (2.33GHz)
Memory (RAM) 4GB DDR3 4GB DDR3 4GB DDR3
Hard Drive 500GB (5400RPM) 640GB (5400RPM) 500GB (5400RPM)
Video Card Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M
Display 11.6? 13.3? 13.3?
Battery Life 8 hours 9 Hours 9.5 Hours
Weight (lbs) 3.09 pounds 3.2 pounds 4.5 pounds
Webcam Laptop with Webcam Laptop with Webcam Laptop with Webcam
Wireless N wireless n compatible laptop wireless n compatible laptop wireless n compatible laptop
More Information More Information More Information More Information
So… What Are You Waiting For?!

The wait is finally over, today YOU are going to make your best laptop purchase ever. All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps to successfully buy your brand new laptop that will make your entire life more efficient.

Click the big red shiny button below to start your laptop
Click on whatever laptop you like the best
Click “Add To Cart”
Log-in/Register with Amazon, the bestest website on the whole internets

Estimated time: 10 minutes + Browsing time.
December 25th every year marks the holiday season in which most of the U.S. identifies as Christmas. Regardless of what you call the jolly holiday, every smart shopper of any belief knows that they can expect discounted holiday pricing on all their favorite items – laptops included. Today LaptopBuyer is going to help you buy the best laptops at the cheapest prices for your loved ones, or even yourself. At the end of this article you’ll understand the benefits of buying laptops online, and the best deals available this holiday season.

Despite the positive spirit this time of year tends to bring out in people, Christmas season can also create its fair share of chaos!

Often times you can watch dozens and dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of people waiting outside of a big box store for the doors to open. They stand in a long lane in the late hours, mitts and hats protecting them from the freezing gusts of wind and falling snow around them… did nobody tell these people about online shopping?

If you learn nothing else reading this page, I hope you realize the how convenient, efficient, and inexpensive shopping online is. Now, let’s move on the to Christmas laptop deals, shall we.


3 Tips For Finding Christmas Laptop Deals

Shopping for holiday laptop sales isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it also isn’t at the rocket science difficulty level some people believe it is. That being said, we understand not everybody monitors the laptop market as much as we do, so we’ve provided a short 3-step guide of things to watch for in order to avoid making a bad purchase.

1. Don’t believe the hype! Every holiday season malls everywhere reach capacity, packed full of rabid shoppers looking to get a better deal than the last one. Pro tip: you can get the same (sometimes better) prices online. Sometimes the in-store craziness just isn’t worth the effort, let alone the drive there.

2. Click around. Once you click the button at the bottom of this page to browse through the selection of laptops, even if you find one you love on the first click, take a look at other brands to see if you can find a laptop with more value than the initial one. However, don’t forget that first one!

3. Once you find a few products you like, make an educated decision by comparing the laptops together. You can do this yourself even with only a basic understanding of what makes a laptop fast. Don’t know the difference between a hard drive and software? – don’t worry – we have something for you to read.
Best Christmas Laptop Deals for Loved Ones

A laptop that suits one person isn’t one that fits the next person, laptops are not one size fits all. Knowing which type of laptop best suits your buying interest could save you hundreds of dollars! Get started with this cheat sheet for deciding what kind of laptop to buy for each of your loved ones this holiday season.

Gamer (Son, Cool Uncle, Techy Dad, Nerdy Girl, Brother)

Teens are most commonly the most demanding on their computer products. They’ve grown up with a computer all their lives and they know how to use them to their full potential. They need the power! These demands are met by Gaming Laptops.

Gaming laptops are the fastest laptops available, tuned specifically for handling the most intensive of computing tasks. Gaming laptops also tend to have the longest lifespan, making them a great investment for a student going off to school. If the teenager your shopping for isn’t a gamer (or doesn’t like the theme gaming laptops have) check out the Adult option below, its a safe bet for any teen who doesn’t play games.

Sleek, Cool, & Artsy (Anyone)

We did say laptops are not one size fits all, but Thin and Light laptops come close. Thin and Light laptops are beautifully sleek and shiny ultraportable computers that perform as good as they look. If you’re not sure which laptop to buy, buy one of these, you will not be disappointed. A thin and light laptop is a must have for frequent travelers, or for students who take their laptop from class to class multiple times a day.

Value Laptops: The Essentials (Seniors, anyone new to computers)

When you are just learning how to use a computer, and the internet, a value laptop is all you need. Value laptops are less powerful than gaming laptops, and thin and light laptops, but they are priced accordingly. Don’t break the bank on a more expensive laptop when all your loved one needs is a basic value laptop.

If you’ve read all that juicy laptop information, pat yourself on the back. You’ve now self-educated yourself in Holiday laptop shopping 101. Happy holidays!
Have you ordered anything online before? Chances are you answered yes. Reports show 88% of consumers have made online purchases, with an expected growth of 14% annually compared to the measly 2.6% growth of old-fashioned brick-and-mortar locations. If you have yet to buy a laptop online, you’re simply missing out! Cheaper prices are only where it begins. Order your next laptop from the comfort of your home to get the most out of your purchase. Read on to learn about just a few of the many benefits of buying online.


Is Buying A Laptop Online Safe?

Buying online is extremely convenient, easy, and often cheaper, but is it safe? In short – yes. Nearly all cases of digital fraud are caused by a third party, not the e-store you’re attempting to pay directly. It’s important to order from a trusted business, not a brand new website that nobody has heard of with no certifications. Here are some additional tips on staying safe online from the professionals. These links will open in a new window so you don’t leave the page.

eHow – How To Feel Safe Buying Online – Shopping Online Safely – Placing Your First Order

Should I Buy My Laptop Online?

Have you ever bought a laptop from a large retail store? Ugh. I cringe just thinking about the last time I attempted to buy a business laptop from a retail store. Don’t get me wrong, if you go into such a store with money, you will leave with a laptop. Money? Not so much. I make it a point to tell my family and friends to make all their laptop purchases online. The reasons for this are endless, here’s 3 quick ones from the top of my head.

1. No sales pressure. Retail stores are notorious for their high pressure sales tactics created by their commission based pay cheques. Even if you let them know that you’re “just looking” you’ll find the same person following you around the store like a hungry dog. Avoid the borderline harassment by ordering your laptop online

2. The dreaded “sales funnel”, or “but wait, there’s more!”. Even after you’ve finally picked out the laptop you want to take home, you still have to deal with the checkout. In a perfect world this would simply be a place where you pay for the goods you picked out. Not the case. Instead, after you’ve almost guaranteed this store a sale and are ready to pay they will try to sell you even more stuff! These commission based salesmen are mighty persistent. You better prepare yourself for the $109 warranties, $99 setup and installation, and the $49 case pitches from the army of staff perched next to the cash register. Pro tip: Don’t buy any of these “extras”! These sales people would try and use dirty persuasion techniques to try and convince you that you NEED just one more thing to make best use of your laptop – not true. Order online and only buy what YOU want to buy.

3. Variety. The amount of laptops available online is huge! Much, much more available at your local electronics store. The best part? Customer reviews. When you shop in a retail store you’re guided by a sales person trained to make as many sales as possible – they’re not going to tell you that the laptop you’re considering has the highest fail rate of any laptop. When you shop online you have the privilege of viewing customer reviews from people who have bought that EXACT product from that EXACT store. These people aren’t being paid by any company to make sales either, they’re writing their honest reviews for the sole purpose of helping other curious laptop buyers, such as yourself, in finding the best laptop on the market.
Buy The Best Laptops Today

We’ve been lucky enough to see technology consistently improve at a rapid rate. 2011 has brought us laptops that absolutely CRUSH speeds previously considered fast, this is a defining year for laptop computing. Don’t wait, order a laptop online today before prices are regulated and costs rise once again.

With A New 2011 Laptop…

Download more than 216% faster with Wireless N!
Store over 200,000 songs, 700 movies, and millions of pictures with new hard drives!
Multi-task running dozens of programs at once with ease!

Such high performance laptops won’t stay so cheap for long, avoid any regrets tomorrow and upgrade to a speedy new 2011 laptop today.